Period or pregnant?

Sabrina🌸 • 🤵👰7/25/15 👧🏼12/6/13 👼2/21/15 👦3/26/16 👧6/27/18 I`m 26 and have 3 beautiful babies! Due with #4 September 2020
So usually my period is every 31 days and on a rare occasion could be 35. Well 31 days comes and goes and I take a test comes back ➖ so I don't think anything of it. Now I am on cd 35 and still no period. Took a test looks maybe like a faint ➕ but I can't tell so I take it as another negative. TMI but now when I go to the bathroom I have white cm but it stretches like ewcm. Has anyone had that before af, or before they found out they were pregnant? The only symptom I have that could possibly mean af is on its way is some cramps here and there. No sore breasts or anything. Is it still possible I'm pregnant and ovulated way later than thought? Or is af really on its way? I don't matter the outcome regardless, I'm just tired of waiting.