Need Gestational Diabetes advice

I'm looking for some honest advice here. I've been doing this GD diet for 2 weeks now, I've been strict with it and do my best to get my exercise in. My levels are all over the place. I'm on Metformin which does help keep them from sky rocketing, but they will not stay within range. The fasting number will be normal and then the 2 hour will be too high, or vice versa. I'm seriously considering throwing in the towel. My anxiety is high all day (I've never had an anxiety issue this entire pregnancy), I'm becoming depressed, I'm hungry all day long, dropping weight (only up 9lbs in 30 weeks), zero energy, and getting nervous I won't even have the energy to push this baby out in 9 weeks. She's measuring perfectly and not a large baby at this point in time, she's in the 57th percentile. I'm worried my baby will not only struggle because I can't get my levels normal, but also worried she'll be affected by my stress and anxiety that plagues me, not to mention the rapid weight loss. Looking for some insight here cause my sanity is about gone with this
Would you 
A: tell your doctor to give you insulin,
B: keep with it, maybe the levels will balance themselves out, or 
C: say screw it, eat healthy and stop taking the required blood monitoring