Absolutely Perfect ❤️

Very early morning on December 21, 2015 around 4-5am I went in to labor with my beautiful daughter Evangeline, my contractions started as soon as I laid down with my husband. After waiting for a little while to make sure these were the real thing I called my mom then I called the hospital and they told me to come in and check, so I woke my husband and picked my already packed bag and Eva's diaper bag and headed off to the hospital. When we got there and all settled in and checked they said I was 4cm so I got as comfortable as I could get and started to try to walk around and got in the bath tub and so on until I couldn't handle the pain anymore so I asked for an epidural then my midwife checked me then agreed I could get it when she saw I was 7cm. After that it was smooth sails I could still move and so on then Finally after a few hours the nurse came in to check me after they broke my water and had been 10cm she told me to stop pushing or miss Eva was gonna come out before my midwife came so they got everything together and my midwife came in after 2 short pushes @ 6:49pm my sweet baby girl was born ❤️ I got the amazing opportunity to help deliver my daughter which made the experience even more beautiful. My husband and I were and still am amazed by our beautiful sweet baby girl😘