Too Young? Inconvenient for work?

I'm 20 and happily married. I'm finishing my Associate's degree online. My husband and I rent a townhouse. We are tight on finances but not "financially unstable". We want to try for a baby soon even though I just started a new job. I just want people's opinions. I will (obviously) make my own decision. I'm not asking for guidance. Just opinions. I'm curious what everyone else thinks.

**disclaimer: DON'T SAY I DON'T THINK YOU'RE READY IF YOU'RE ASKING FOR ADVICE. I'M NOT. I'M ASKING IF WORK AND AGE IS REALLY RELEVANT TO WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT AND HANDLE IT. (any time a young person asks a question on here older women jump to say "if you're asking/wondering/worrying you're too young/not ready/uneducated" kind of over it, hence the anonymous...)

Should I feel bad that a family is inconvenient for my new job (my job is pregnancy friendly but not 100% family friendly and I'm new.. )? We are ready despite our age.