Bra Size

Dayna • 25, first time mom of a beautiful baby girl!
So I'm sure a LOT of you shop for you "good bras" at Victoria's Secret. I don't have anything against them, (in fact I'm in there more than I'm in my own house) but they sized me at a 36DDD and I had a whopping two bras to choose from!! Well they didn't necessarily fit right (but they don't have anything bigger) so I went with it. 
Now, sometime later I was referred to Lane Bryant by a relative and had them size me.....38G yall. BIG DIFFERENCE. Let me tell you, after just a few months of wearing these bras, my back doesn't hurt, (well still hurts but not like it used to) I don't have "back rolls" where my bra would be just a little too tight, and they're super cute and comfy!! 
Here's the kicker....they're the same (if not lower) price point!!!  
Unfortunately, I don't think they have smaller than a 36.
But for all you blessed with tig O bitties like me...happy bra shopping!!
My main point I this is get sized and make sure you wear a bra that you feel GOOD in!