Not sure if I should be with him anymore.

Sydney • Mommy to one baby girl 🎀
I love my boyfriend SOO much. But recently, I feel like I'm not sure if I should stay with him. It's mainly because I am ready for marriage, and he isn't. And it really means a lot to me. We recently talked about it and I was crying lol and he started crying a little bit too because he said he feels bad for making me sad, but it's just something he doesn't want for himself right now. Him crying for making me sad shows he cares though.
 I also asked him if he thought that we were "meant to be" and he said he doesn't believe in destiny or things like that so he doesn't know. That's not the answer anyone wants to hear though lol they wanna hear that their SO thinks they are meant to be together forever. I thought we were meant to be, but all of this put together is making me second guess everything. I want to be with someone who is ready to settle down and is thinking about marriage. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and I also asked him if he at least knows that he wants marriage with me, and he said he doesn't know. How can you not know after 3 years?! In my life, I'm at the point where whoever I am dating I think about the possibility of marriage and if it is someone that I could marry. It's crazy that he doesn't think that way, he said he just knows that he wants to be with me right now and that's it.
I'm sorry this is so long, hopefully someone actually reads it, I hate posting/reading long topics lol. 
But anyways, I don't know if I should end things with him or what. I love him a lot and would hate to break his heart. It would break my heart as well though. If I ended it, it would be terrible. I don't think I could talk to him and that would be so hard for me. I'm just not sure if we are meant to be anymore. I'm not sure I can truly be happy if he can't give me the one thing that I reallyyy want. I don't know, any advice?
 Please don't be rude, I'm not asking for that. I'm asking for supportive advice even if it's something i may not want to hear. There is always a nice way to say something so make sure you try to say it in the nicest way possible! Thanks!❤️