Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Has anyone dealt with vanishing twin syndrome? I had my first ultrasound today and there was a sac of amniotic fluid above the sac the baby is in and the Dr said it will either be absorbed into the baby's sac or it will pass and I'll see some brownish bloody discharge if it does. A lot of people I've talked to said it sounds like vanishing twin syndrome because if it was just amniotic fluid it would be clear with no blood. Also some people that have had VTS said they're ultrasounds looked the same with an empty sac by the baby. I'm going to ask my Dr tomorrow when I go in for the glucose test and blood work but I'm just curious to hear other peoples stories. Up until a week ago I had been having dreams of having twins even before I knew I was pregnant and just had a very strong feeling there was 2 babies. And then about a week ago the dreams stopped and I didn't feel like there was twins anymore. I'm 8 wks 2 days today and he measured the empty sac and it was about ¾of an inch long so almost half as big as the bbys sac.