How was your experience while on nexaplon/implanon?


Hi, i've never been on BC and i'm considering getting on the implant. I don't want to do pills and I did originally want the IUD but I was looking into the implant and it looks like a safer alternative for me at the moment (a little scared of the pain that might come with the IUD and the risk of expulsion, also I've never had kids). Most comments I hear on BC on the site are either really negative or really positive and I wanted to know if some of you who have been on the implant could tell me how it's been? Was it bad at first and then got better? Was it a breeze? Have you had any complications? How's the bleeding? I'm really scared that I'll be one of those people whose period never leaves once I get on it. I have a really consistent period and I would rather it just goes away than have it all the time. Also, if you've had it taken out, why? How was it?

Sorry this is so long.