Broken clavicle

Mattie • Elsa Jacqueline born Dec 21/14
I would like to share my own experience with nursing a baby with a broken clavicle. I had a very quick birth in terms of pushing and my baby cried very hard after birth and with tears. It seemed like every time I moved she would get upset. She will only nurse while laying on her right side and will sometimes scream for 30 mins to an hour trying to get her to start latching on. The nurses were out to see her and to try to figure out why she wouldn't latch but couldn't find anything wrong. Today at 8 days old I noticed a lump on her left clavicle and decided to take her to the doctor. She was xrayed and it was clearly broken. I was so relieved to finally have an answer. They said it's missed almost half the time because it has few symptoms. Now with some Tylenol and different positioning in the beginning she is latching on within minutes and it's reducing her pain. I thought I would share this just in case someone may be experiencing similar symptoms.