Major baby fever!

Seeing so many babies lately and it's giving me baby fever! I want to be a mom.. I feel like I'm meant to be a mother. My husband wants kids, but I don't think he wants them right now.. Mainly because when people always ask us "so when are yall going to have a baby?" "It's yalls turn to have the babies!" "When am I gonna get a niece or nephew?" "Can't wait to see a little one on your Christmas card!" He always says "Not any time soon!" which I do too, because it doesn't seem right to want one now I guess. Because 1) we've only been married for a little under a year now. 2) I'm not finished with college yet (he is, I still have a year). 3) we don't OWN a home (still renting). But, we both work full time. (Yes, I'm a full time student and still work full time. Half of my classes are online and I go to the campus twice a week from 6-8pm for other two classes). I'm pretty sure my husband wants to buy a house before we have kids but I really have no preference. (I don't want to buy a house yet. I want to save money so we can get a BETTER home later and just rent for now. Instead of getting a small house and then needing a bigger one later, then having to deal with selling the one we already have). When we babysit our nephew and niece, sometimes I say "aww..don't you want one?" and then he'll just jokingly brush it off and won't take me seriously. (I know we're mature enough, and I know both of us will be great parents, we talk about our future parenting skills and agree on everything!) Should i wait until after college? And should we wait until we buy a house?