Ovulation Test

Brittany • Chloe Elizabeth 7-30-13. Sophia Grace 10-15-15. Baby #3 09-20-16
Hi, so I'm in a bit of a pickle as far as trying to figure out when I ovulated, and my chances of getting pregnant. For starters, my fiance and I found out we were pregnant about 3 weeks ago by taking multiple tests that all came back positive. A day after our pregnancy had been confirmed by tests, I was admitted into the ER for severe abdominal pain, they checked my HCG levels and they were only 537 but we were worried it wasn't a normal pregnancy because as many of you may know, your levels double every 48 hours in a normal pregnancy, so they wanted my OB to check my levels again in another 48 hours. I went into the ER on a Tuesday night, went in to check my levels again early Friday morning and did an ultrasound, my levels only jumped up to 968, but they saw that there was a 'baby' in my uterus, but as far as 'normal' it was too soon to tell as my ultrasound was only predicting that I was 4 weeks. So, they wanted me to come in on Monday to do another test to check my levels since it would've been 96 hours, and by then they would've jumped tremendously if it were a normal pregnancy, but unfortunately, my levels only jumped up to 1128. So they treated me that day with Methotrexate, a chemo drug to pretty much dissolve the pregnancy. So on December 12th I started bleeding heavily, which doctors said was normal as I was shedding the fetus and it lasted until the 18th. They didn't do a D&C, but did check my levels to make sure my levels were dropping from the treatment, and they had. Well I logged into a <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">period calendar</a> as though it were a period. And it said that I were to ovulate on the 26th of December, so I had sex everyday that week to ensure a high chance in conception. Well today at about 10:30, I took an Ovulation test that said I was ovulating, I check my cervix and it is high, closed, and soft and my cervical mucus is close to inexistent at this moment, so why was the test positive if I'm not ovulating, and if I've already possibly ovulated for this month? I took a pregnancy test too and it came back negative. I'm new to all this testing and I don't want to get my hopes up for baby number '3' if its not possible.