Pet care rant


This is the 1000th time someone has referred to my dog as "spoiled", and SHAMES me for it. So here's how she's "spoiled":

1. I take her to the vet when she's sick, or I think she's sick (ditto of course for all the other animals).

2. She has a dog bed - which I clean once a month

3. I try to make her own food and treats, and I don't give her any dog food I find on the shelves..

And some of my favorites

4. She's trained! She doesn't jump on people, she only licks herself, and doesn't roll in shit or hump people.. the most annoying thing she does is run through mud and eat catfood.

5. She's 15, and I won't put her down for being old.

I'm a college student, and I'm not exactly rich, nor do I have a lot of time. But I save up for these vet visits. We all may go two weeks before any of us see a doctor. My father in law is a vet, and I gotta tell you, pet foods cheapest when you make it. And yes she's trained, once you take on a life you have to take care of it. Oh and what's this? My dog will be 16 in September, meanwhile no one elses lived to be maybe 7? Shocking, when you throw a pet outside it might get run over/get sick/or get lost or abused by the neighbors kids. In my case, that would be eaten by bobcats and coyotes. Really, I never have time or am too tired to walk her, so I feel awful for the neglect. So that should be my new years resolution, if not just to exercise more myself -do it for her.

So I'm sorry to everyone who thinks I "would have $2,000 more in the bank if I didn't spoil her". Or "you should just devorce Adam and marry the dog, you take better care of her" -my grandmother. And "why do you have to rub your dog in everyones face? Not all of us have the time to train a dog" -my sister after she just got a new dog, and I got mad after it jumped it's muddy feet on my shirt and wouldn't back off. THEN WHY'D YOU GET ONE if you weren't gonna take care of it?? Never once have I brought up my dog in these situations, it's usually somewhere along the lines of "teach your fucking animals to behave", or trying to give someone advice. So excuse me for nothing.