Levels rising?

Maryjayne • Mommy to a little boy. Expecting # 2
So last night I went to the ER with strong pains in my right pelvic area. Doctors did ultrasound to check for tubal and the baby is in the right place, but I have a cyst on my right Fallopian tube which was causing me the pain. Doctors said the baby is in the right place but now we just have to see if my levels are rising correctly to see if it'll be a normal pregnancy.
So I'm wondering, does it mean my HCG levels are rising the right amount when my HPT lines are getting darker and darker by the days? 
The first day, my lines were very VERY faint, every couple days the line would get darker and darker and I just took one this morning and the test line was darker than the control line. 
Is this a good sign?