Would it be weird to have my dad in the delivery room?

Samantha • TTC my rainbow baby. Lost my Zackery 3 years ago. Infertility problems, hoping GLOW helps.
I'm not pregnant at the moment, but when I do become pregnant i was wanting my father to be in there. We are a close family so I know he wouldn't make staring down there awkward. I'd ask my mother, but she is in a wheel chair with no legs due to diabetes, it also messed with her brain a bit. I'm worried if she goes in she either will act crazy, or not remember it at all. She now is bipolar, with multiple personalities, falls asleep at random times. I love her, and I know it will hurt her feelings to not be there. I always thought it would be her there, but she's not the same person anymore. Some days she is, others she isn't. I was thinking of having my dad in there, but know he'd have to see my vag. Anyone else ever have their father go it? (My fiance will be there too)

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