never conceived and I'm 31 and married😑

So I'm an aa 31yo I am married and August made 4yrs... we've been together for 6yrs best friends for 13yrs... he's known everything about me and I him... he doesn't have any children... now we both are extremely ready! 😞 he always tell me it's ok if I can't but I think he says that to mask his feelings or keep from. Ring disappointed... Were not on birth control haven't been since before marriage and still nothing! We've been to the doctor so now they are testing us for ovulation... im so sick of taking ov test idk what to do!!!😒 my menstrual is extremely irregular it comes when it wants even when I was on bc... every missed period we both always were excited hoping for baby dust and it has always been negative test and menstrual two to three weeks later😫... I need encouragement! I'm the only one of ALL my friends without kids!!!!☹️ when will our moment come! When will we have our Gift😢