He won't buy condums?

Okay so, usually my husband and I have sex without any protection. Just pull out method. Recently (past month) I've asked him to start buying and using condums because I've been so paranoid in between cycles that I might be pregnant. It gets old constantly worrying.  He gets mad and defensive and says that it's weired for me to all of a sudden want this. Then tells me to get on birth control. I have never wanted to be on the pill or shot or anything up in my vagina for that matter. In my opinion it's our job as women to protect ourselves but at this point him down right not wanting to leaves me feeling disrespected and worthless like I'm not good enough to use a Condum for? Then when I don't have sex because we don't have protection he tells me I mise well  e 40 years old because I don't know how to please him. What do I do?? What do I say??