our story

Breanna • 25 married to my high school sweetheart with one beautiful daughter.
Last night my fiancé and I found out were pregnant. This came as a total shock to us. We were not trying and had only had sex approximately 3 times in the begin of my cycle ( I started a third job and the only think on my mind is sleep). It's not unusual for my period to be a little late. This month my period was late right at the time of me get my annual Gyno appointment. When the nurse asked me when my last period was I told her October 1-5 and that this one was late. They took a test and told me they weren't sure because it took a while for a line to show up so they took blood. At the same time I also found out that the doctor could feel something on the side of my uterus, she believes to be a fibroid tuner. When my fiancé got home we went and bought a clear blue digital to see for our selves. And to our surprise it came up positive. I cried all night long yesterday. There have been many times where something could have happened, but nothing did. I would think everything was a sign of early pregnancy, all of which just turned out to be pms. This month the only things that I can say we're actual signs were sore heavy boobs and what I'm going to call pregnancy brain. I can't seem to remember anything or even form complete sentences. Though this pregnancy came a year or two sooner than we hope, I know this baby will be loved.