he called me a b*****

So I always work late nights 12midnight to anywhere till 11:30 some days. Earlier other days. And now my boyfriends jobs start really early right after I get off of work. His license is suspended so he doesn't drive. I've been sick for the past week and still had to work and typically either his sister or mom will give him a ride if I can't. Tha morning his mom and sister were talking crap about me because I wasn't taking him. Told my boyfriend when he woke up and he said "it's fine" but gives me attitude and than calls me selfish. Than he loses his bank card to get a lyft, climbs ontop of me on the bed to look for it, stepping on me and hurting me in the process which he does ALL the time and than I kick him off my legs that he's crushing and calls me a bitch and than gets mad at me because I'm not belong him find his card. Is it wrong for me to not want to help him after name calling me, hurting me and than talking crap about me to his family ?