So I finished clomid on Friday (day8) and on Monday (day11) had a positive OPK on digital so I called the Dr. I was originally supposed to get my follicles checked on Tuesday (day12) but they had me come in early. U/S and blood work showed I wasn't ready yet and they are having me come back in on Friday (cd15) with hopes of getting the trigger shot and having <a href="">IUI</a> on Saturday. I guess I'm scared they are going to miss my window but I have to trust that they know what they are doing. 
It's been a horrible last few days. My little brother crashed his motorcycle an has been transferred 3 times to hospitals. His is now in ICU because of the damage to his skin but thank God, he sustained NO internal injuries. 
Needless to say, I am just so thankful to still have my brother.. I don't really care what happens this month with ttc. I feel like it won't work based off of my stress level anyway. I just want to have it documented that we have tried so in a few months we can move on to the next thing. 
Hope everyone has a happy new year.