4week old wont nap


So i was so excited. Gave my son a bath around 9pm last night. Then a bottle sang to him and swaddled him. Put him down to sleep atound 930. He slept from 930 pm until 230am. Woke up to eat then back to sleep from 330am until 430am wher3 i had to change his diaper and feed again in which he was wide awake after all that. He finally went back to sleep from 6am until 745am.

I feel like last night bit me in the ass. My son wqs awake from 8am until almost 11am. Everything i tried to get him ti nap didnt work. Hr finally crashed around 1130am until 1230pm. Up again just wanting to be held ( which is fine) then wouldnt go back to sleep until almost 2pm. Then he slept for 2 hours woke up at 4pm. He then ate 4 ounces and finally pooped ( if he cant poop my day is insane because nothing i do will comfort him) now hes trying to sleep again on my belly. He has never not napped during the day.,today has just been awful to say the least.

Any tips??