Ronan is born!

About 7 pm Wednesday night we inserted cervadil. I was 40+6 with high bp, trace protein, and baby was in the 14th percentile for his age so we decided it was just better to get him out! Cervadil had me in active labor before it was time to take it out. The monitor wasn't picking up my contractions very well so by the time I broke down and asked them to check me I was 5cm! By the time the lady came to do the epidural I was 6cm. In between there i did get some iv meds that made me seem very drunk and I was talking and dreaming and freaking everyone out and I don't remember any of that lol. I think I could have gone longer without pain meds if I was determined and did walking and switching position but unfortunately I was under constant monitoring in the bed with contractions every 2-3 minutes starting about 2 or 3 am. So I get the epidural around 7am and fall asleep. They came to break my water at 12 or so and I was at an 8 by the time he finished breaking it i was a 9 1/2! They let me labor down a bit and we did practice pushes. Baby was born at 2:04pm on November 3rd. It was much quicker than I thought it would be and was honestly the best outcome I could have had. No pitocin needed! No c-section which I was terrified for and the epidural (which wore off on one side but was fixed before pushing) let me feel my legs and move them and I could feel pressure to push with the contractions. I did get a severe 2nd degree tear he said it was almost a 3 idk what the difference is but I'm pretty scared to go poop😅 my son is a beautiful perfect angel and all the nurses have been amazing. They gave me ambien to help me sleep after inserting cervadil and it didn't touch my pregnancy insomnia so I am one tired momma but together Ronan, daddy, and I are learning breastfeeding and he is sleeping really well today but I bet he is a exhausted as I am! It still doesn't seem real♡