am I pregnant or is it to early and I am just stressed

My period is always irregular. I had sex with my husband three times on my last period unprotected and he didn't pull out. Well a week later after my period was over with I wiped and there was a tinge of red. Not even much to notice but I always look just in case. Well last week me and my husband got into a huge fight I ended up kicking him out. He came back after the weekend and we made up. Well in the moment we didn't use any contraceptive. We couldn't afford the plan b until he got paid and that was exactly three days later. I don't know if it the plan b or I'm just pmsing but I am pretty moody and haven't had any of my other usual symptoms before I start. I am supposed to start like today or tomorrow I think I am just stressing out since we have been so stupid lately. Should I wait another week to test if I haven't had my period or could I test right now and be good?