relationship advice

Quick summary: we've been together for a little over two years. This July, we moved cities for his job and got a place together. At first it was great, we watched movies and tv together. We also cooked together and spent a lot of time with each other. I knew he was into video games while we dated and lived separately. In August I scored a full time job where I work either 8:30-5:30pm or 12-9:15pm. His career job doesn't need him every single day or maybe just a few hours a day. His other hours of the day are spent playing video games. If I work the morning, I will get home around six and cook him dinner. He will eat and play at the same time and play until midnight or 2am acting like I do not exist. If I work the later shift, I get home and the same thing happens, I do not exist. We are starting to hardcore fight over this now. I am feeling completely neglected. His view is that I am making myself feel that way and I should plan date nights if I want that time with him. I need help. I am out words to defend myself. Before the video games, he was the guy I wanted to spend my life with.