doctors can be wrong sometimes

I am writing this post for expecting mothers that might go through the same. I had my anatomy ultrasound at 21 weeks and a few days. the dr. told me that my child's limbs were 4-5 weeks behind I development and that this could mean that he is going to suffer from dwarfism. he told me that I had a few more days ( I think know till week 22) to go to Michigan and end the pregnancy if I wanted to. I wouldn't do that of course I mean really just because he might be a small person dosent mean he dosent deserve to live. I had to get ultrasounds every 4 weeks to make sure everything is going allright. everything I went they told me his limps are so far behind. it scared me but I tried not to think about it to much because it wouldn't change the situation anyways. at week 32 they made me go to get NSTs every week. they were great he moved like it was his job and his heart rate was perfect ( they were worried that there was something wrong with my fluids since the development issues didn't seem to change) he finally came at 40weeks 4 days. mind you I had an ultrasound at 40 weeks 2 days and they still told me he was sooo far behind. he came out perfect. nothing wrong with him no short limbs on dwarfism nothing. I wanted to tell you my story because I wish I would have known how wrong these ultrasounds could be. it would have helped me a lot if somebody would have told me that they could have been very wrong with their diagnosis. I was so happy when I got to hold my perfect little baby boy. but honestly I loved him when I thought he might be a small person and I would have loved him just as much if he was.