Rant about discharge

So after seeing this whole incredibly stupid panty challenge circling around, I have to say something, especially since there are many young girls out there who think that discharge isn't normal because of this.
There is no reason why women should be shamed for having working vaginas that produce discharge. And if a guy thinks that it's gross, it's because he's uneducated about the importance of discharge. 
Discharge removes harmful bacteria and dead cells from the vagina and cervix that could result in an infection, and it alerts you when you have an infection with its change in consistency and color (which is why you should definitely do your research about discharge and what it means!).
If you didn't have any discharge whatsoever, then you should be concerned. 
And if the guy that you're with finds it gross or unsanitary, then he can't be pissed when you don't want to fuck him because you have a vaginal bacterial infection.
Discharge isn't gross. It's a normal bodily function and you should be perfectly content with it.