NESTING is real!!!

OMG! I'm 35 weeks and 4 days.. haven't had much energy to do much. But for the past few days, I've been watching YouTube videos on home organization. 'Athomewithnikki' is my fave channel, she seems a little OCD with her organizing and cleaning, but it makes me feel so envious!! Ha.. anyway yesterday morning before I even had the chance to open my eyes I felt the urge to get up and clean out the pantry and organize it, then I thought about how I wanted to clean out all the trash cans in our house😆 meanwhile, its like 6am and the sun hasn't even came up yet! 
So yesterday I spent all day cleaning and organizing.. I even brought out the tape measure and started measuring certain walls and closets to set up a plan for how I want to organize ( and I'm just not that type of person). My next plan of action is to prepare freezer meals, and get all my mans clothes organized cause he's got to many to fit in our closet, and doesn't want to part!!! 😫.. but I am determined to do this💪.. he better back up, cause I might flip a lid if he tries to stop me.. 😂😂😂