... and he cheated

We were together since our first day of sixth grade. That's four years of my life, my heart and my loyalty torn up, and spit on.
Thank for the promise rings last month, you piece of shit.
You even got them engraved "You're my forever and always."
Wonderful, hope you have fun finding your $200 forever and always bs at the bottom of the lake by our school.
Yeah, wouldn't it suck if she found out  what a dick you are too? Don't worry, she's been informed, and she's pissed too! 
lol did you know that she is actually scared that YOU might be a FATHER! 
oh wow, how exciting! A 16 year old, cheating, ass wipe was a dumb fuck and didn't use a condom? 
Imagine that!
Don't worry though, I'll be at the baby shower! 
Come tomorrow morning, you'll be at my doorstep begging for forgiveness, which I will politely reject.
I want nothing to do with you, no beef, no friendship, nothing.
So if you would excuse me while I cry away 4 fucking years of my life that I gave to you, I hope I can get over you as quickly as you took the chance to fuck her while I went away to see my dying father. 
Thanks for the memories, asshole. (: