baby shower drama

Zhenia • 💖👶🏻 🍼 Elena Isabella Castillo Flores 12/17/16 & Aleena Lillyveth Castillo Flores 11/15/17💖👶🏻🍼
I'm kind of upset😐 I was playing on have one baby shower that me and my sisters were planning. We have got everything ready and it's going be on Nov.19 but now my future MIL is upset with me bcuz she doesn't like the time of the party for some reason idk. It's from 3-10. she think its starts and ends early. I'm thinking its a baby shower not a wedding or birthday. 😑So now she want to make her own. I'm just so frustrated bcuz it's my baby shower not hers. Like MIL doesn't like the type of decoration I pick or my baby shower dress😒 my mother think it's bcuz of her. My mother and MIL don't get along well. But at least my mom helping me more than my MIL. Now she playing to have own on Nov.12 and now upset with me bcuz I don't help her. Or asking why my family won't come to hers.  I'm thinking why should they. They can't afford buying so much gift for two showers. Now she think it's my fault that I'm having my main one. I told my fiancé about it. He's like " I can't control my mom you know how she is" I just can't deal with her. I cry so much bcuz I just want me and my fiancé family to be together for once😞 
Am I'm being to selfish or is she?