implantation bleed or AF

Talk to me about implantation bleeding.    I keep telling myself this is just a super slow AF but I need to make sure.    
My AF is normally very heavy,   She comes barging in irregular and loud and crazy there is no subtle start and no subtle end it's usually intense cramps and bleeding for a solid 4 days then on day 5 just abruptly stops.
This bleeding started yesterday morning.   Nothing in my underwear but when I went to wipe it was dark in color and mixed with a lot of mucus.   Still looked similar to AF but different too.
Put a pad on but nothing in the pad all day yesterday,  however every time I wiped it was this mucus with blood.   Then today, woke up nothing on the pad wiped first thing this morning it was heavier again,  yet not like my usual AF it was just one wipe of heavy dark reddish brown color and lots of mucus with the blood.   Now it's tapering off again.  
It scares me that it was heavier wiping first morning.   And scares me to get my hopes up.  
Thanks for any input!!  Baby dust too all who are trying or having babies in there bellies,   Love and prayers to those who haven't had two lines,  and love and prayers to those who have lost your baby's.  
TTC #2.   ❤️❤️❤️