Dating Advice?

I'm talking to this guy that I haven't met yet 😬 because he just moved here and will be going to the same school and me soon but he's really nice and boyfriend material and he'd spoil me and love me and just make a really good boyfriend and he says he likes me. And I want to like him so bad too but I just can't catch feelings for him. It's like I'm constantly avoiding plans and cancelling because I don't want to hangout with him but he's better than any other guy I've ever known so I wish I could catch yhouse feelings for him so bad. I can never like a good guy.. I get these opportunities to but it never works so I'm stuck falling for the ones who don't treat me like I should be and I have no idea why. Can someone help me with what i should do- stay and make this relationship work, or move on? Please no negative comments, I'm just looking for opinions, thanks!