Breast Massage.🎀

👶Jessica 🐳 • I'm going to be mother to a belly daugther and wife to a man that has a unique personality and great heart at time.. lol jk he's my monkey..❤❤👶🙊
Has anyone asked there partner to massage their breast. My fiancée just move to San Francisco to work for about 2-3 months and when he come to check on me and his belly Daugther we like get super excited and tell him can you massage the both of us meaning me with my breast and baby with the belly. He always says yes with a smile but some friends that are algo pregnant said that's nasty and I shouldn't let him touch me and b/c he may not like it they said. I love it when he does he has really warm hands and soft and he always makes my boobs feel much better but they squirt lol and with the baby I know she likes it too cause I feel my tummy like tight and sore and once he finishes the baby feels different like she feels more comfy in there he's really gental w/ both of us I promise. But now I feel bad now cause he recently came but I didn't tell him and me and belly feel so sore idk & he left & I don't know till when I will see him again.😭😔 what do u guys think?