Had this beautiful baby boy at 6:54 this morning

Had this beautiful baby boy at 6:54 this morning! 7 lbs 12 oz 21.5 in long. I started having contractions around 3am that sstarted at 5 minutes apart then around 5am I got up to shower and my contractions immediately started coming at 2 minutes apart super hard and awful. We got rounded up and headed out the door at about 545 and luckily my midwife was already there because I couldn't hold off on pushing very long and the second she got in the room she said holy cow the only thing holding him in is your water so she broke my water, I pushed for 10-15 minutes and my beautiful rainbow boy was born!! They told me I did absolutely amazing especially since they only got my iv hooked up minutes before he was born so the pain meds hadn't even kicked in yet. Lol So I was in labor for barely 4 hours and only 50 minutes of it was in the hospital! I'll know next time to get here when my contractions first start if I want any meds!! Haha