Breastfeeding moms help


I know there are a lot of moms here that are worried about low supply. Here some help. First of all if your baby is having at least 8 wet diapers and 2 to 5 poops (depending on age), is back up to birth weight by 2 weeks and is growing..... Your milk is fine and you have enough. It's normal for you to have a lot of milk in the morning and less at night. Baby will cluster feed at night. Cluster feeding is when baby seems to nurse like every 30 minutes and seems not so satisfied. This is normal..... The cluster night feeding will work out. Hang in there. There is no need for formula unless you just want to give it and that's perfectly OK. But if your still concerned about your supply there are milk teas and foods you can eat that do work to boost your supply. There's mother's milk Tea, Milk Spring and several others. You can find most of them at Wholefoods, Kroger's, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby. There are also lactation cookies you can make or buy. Just Google "lactation cookies" and you'll get a lot of recipes. You can also buy them. One company is "Milkin Cookies". They are a bit pricey but delicious.

Now if you choose to drink or eat these items you will need to watch baby closely. You can make a milk unbalance. You could produce too much fore milk and not enough hind milk and baby could loose weight or seem hungry because they aren't getting enough of the fatty cream milk at the end of a feed. It's easy to tell if there is an imbalance... If they are getting too much fore milk, their poop will be frothy like. Just always look at their poop lol.

I am a certified breastfeeding specialist and a nurse.... I am not just putting random stuff on here. I hope this helps and kinda eases your minds a bit. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.....