9 years of struggle

My husband and I have never been pregnant.  I've struggled with stress and irregular periods since I was sixteen. I also have PCOS. My period was due about 3-4 weeks ago  and never came which is very normal to me but last week I got scared. As I was walking my legs kept getting numb then this week my boobs felt sore. After dropping off my husband at work early this morning I decided to test and I think I'm pregnant.  Last month I ordered a prebiotic, folic acid, prenatals and omega of which I never took before. I think I am pregnant my body is acting really weird. Please don't give up on hope regardless of what your situation might be.  I use to cry myself to sleep. About a month ago, I told my husband how sad I was that we have been trying for years and for the first time I think he really felt my pain. He kept saying go see the infertility specialist that we were referred to but I didn't. I wanted to try acupuncture or the natural way then this happened. I can't believe my eyes but I am very thankful and prayerful that every time I felt like a failure or less than a woman I would come to this forum to look for hope, something to uplift my spirits and it that every time. I don't know if anyone mentioned before that they are truly some helpful people on here and you are appreciated and loved even by strangers. 
Thank you, baby dust to all you super women! You can do it!