When I met my husband 8years ago I had no idea we would be where we are today. It all seemed so planned and proper. We were to date, get married, but a house, have a baby, another baby and live our lives. But what do you do when you've been trying to have this child and it's not happening? I followed every plan, bought every OPK, tracked every detail but nothing. I keep asking why? Being hopeful for the next cycle but I'm just so tired and exhausted. Every 'bloody' monthly disappointment leaves me torn. I can't help but stare and others 'expecting'. I'm so happy for you but I wish it was me. Am I mean? Now I can't help but being a disappointment to my husband and I think our fights have escalated beyond marital counselling saving. Now we're heading for the big "D". Lawyers, paperwork, should we sell the house? Should we split? Should we try again. All for something I just can't seem to give. Sorry for the long post, just needed an avenue to rant and share my silent cry! 😔