Feeling alone & very discouraged

Paige • Trying for baby number 1 with husband of 3 years. 1 Miscarriage & 1 Ectopic. Come on rainbow baby! 🌈💖👶🏼
I am feeling really frustrated. We have been trying to conceive for 4.5 months. Last month I was so excited, I got a positive OPK on day 19 and had a good feeling I'd be pregnant. Aunt flow arrived after a 32 day cycle unfortunately. I have been testing again every day but today is day 21 and I still haven't gotten a positive. Up until today I was having EWCM and my cervix felt very soft and open. Now my CM is turning creamy and I'm discouraged that I didn't ovulate this month. I feel like everyone around me is announcing their pregnancy and I want so bad to be able to do the same but my body isn't cooperating 😞 does anyone have tips or advice for me?