Does the smell of deodorant really matter?

Hannah 🌻🍄
So a quick shopping trip to pick up some deorderant and other things. I'm about to pick out deorderant and I've got my boyfriend in tow. I reach for the men's axe (I love the way it smells) I offer him to sniff and he makes this face. As I'm looking another one he says "Oh don't get that one I used to wear that one and it'd be weird". I looked at him "What do you mean weird" and his response is "Oh well cause you'd smell mainly and your not a dude" "Oh so should got some Summer Berry (it's got these little strawberries on it)" and he's like "Yeah you should" so I turned got the axe I liked and told him "Well I'm getting this just to spite you". Fast forward and we're home and he's making fun of me cause I have it on and now I'm so mainly and shit. I got so piss I straight out said "I'm really not okay with you teasing me and shit like I'm sorry the way my arm pits smell makes you question your manculenity. 
Why should somethings as stupid as deoderant smell really matter? Also ladies as your man or your lady made a stick about this? Give me your opinion does it really matter?

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