help! :( sex isn't satisfying!

I've been having sex for a year now, I'm 18. The first time I did it was to get it over with. And then it wasn't satisfying.. and then came the next guy and the next and the next. I was just looking for someone who knew how to have sex! Because surely something wasn't wrong with me! But I'm starting to think something is! I can orgasm on my own, but not with a partner. Not from clitoral stimulation or penetration! I really feel nothing from penetration, even with myself. Only clit stimulation. It's kind of like their penis gets numb inside of me ! And it most of the time hurts on my abdomen. Like they're hitting something they're not supposed to hit, especially in doggy style. Please help! :(( do I need to go see a gyno or sexologist ? I just really want to have good sex. Doesn't even have to be amazing. Just a little pleasurable :((