wth 😡😡😡

Okay, so basically there's this girl who has been with her boyfriend for 4 years and they're both seniors. He wasn't gonna be here for a week, so as a joke, someone I know said to her "you basically have a free week to do stuff with other guys" and she laughed and quickly said she was joking. But the girl looked down at her promise ring and looked back at us and said "that's true" and she took it off... She basically flirted with guys in her classes so far today with her promise ring off the whole time! Wth!
And one of my friends has an older sister who turned 21 recently and her husband turned 23 yesterday. He's in the army and has to go for 10 months, and she says she wants a temporary boyfriend since apparently 10-months is too long. He is no saint either, he cheated on her in the past. I thought she was joking, but she said she was serious about it! They've been married for a year!
I can't believe people who do this. I just wanted to let it out, because it was bothering me since this morning