threatened miscarriage... what are my chances of a full miscarriage?

So quick history:
I've been pregnant 6 times. I have 3 living boys. My furthest miscarriage was at 15 weeks (baby stopped growing at 8) and Almost bled to death; ended up needing a d&c. My living kids were born at (in order of oldest to youngest) 37 weeks, 34 weeks, and 32 weeks. My oldest son is 4, middle is 1, and youngest is almost 4 months. I'm due in June.... yeah, I've got my hands full!! 
After my youngest was born my midwife put me on the NuvaRing swearing it was the best option for me. I did everything right.... we used spermicide and condoms as well! But somehow I still got pregnant! COMPLETE SURPRISE! Had an ultrasound done at 8 wks 1 day. Baby looked great. And had a strong heartbeat. 
Anyway, Shortly after the ultrasound I began bleeding and spotting on and off. Accompanied by cramping! Blood will fluctuate between bright red and brown. The flow is not heavy! It's there when I wipe and sometimes ends up on my underwear. 
My doctor told me I'm having a threatened miscarriage. I have to get ultrasounds and see high risk doctors. But with my history I don't see this pregnancy lasting much longer... I'm 10 weeks 2 days. What do others, who have gone through a similar situation, suggest I prepare myself for? I just want to hear your stories. (Good or Bad)