military hospitals for deliver


this was my experience

so when I was 7 months pregnant I had a emergency and had to drive my parents back home to California while they were visiting us in Missouri. I got it okay by my doctor but once I got to cali I had slipped getting out of my parents shower and sprained my muscles doing the splits. the baby was fine so I just had to lay down for about 2 weeks to heal. this was already after about 4 days on the road and 2 weeks already at my parents so I couldn't go home. I had to switch my insurance to be seen by a doctor who said it could not travel back home. I was 2 weeks over my due date by the time I was going in for a induction. but on that day I was already in labor. so honestly everyone at the navel hospital was pretty much training. that's right training. the ones who were dealing with me were being shadowed by experienced nurses and midwives. I felt like a guinea pig. hearing them correct things kind of freaked me out cause it happend offten. so I was hooked up to my I'v and I was going to get my epidural then be put on pitocine to move the delivery along. it was my 3rd birth so I didn't understand it but I had been put on pitocine before and I didn't mind it. so the anesthesiologist came in and gave a huge speech about how he was extremely good at what he does and pretty much made me feel comfortable about it. when the time came to do the epidural he came back but brought another women's with him who he was training. yup training. he assured me that she was just making her numbers to become a full on anesthesiologist and I was like her 50th one. well once they were done in still felt the pain but it was mild because they put a numbing shot in my back for the needle. as the pitocine did it magic the pain became horrible so I pushed my morphine button at least 5 times with nothing happening. finally the baby was already coming cause the pitocine was still going so I'm screaming I have 5 nurses and mid wife and a doctor and the 2 anesthesiologist in the room all talking around me freaking out cause they don't know why the pain meds were not working. they were even saying that If I had a c section that they would not be able to give me any more pain meds so yup it was crazy. I birthed my lil girl all natural and the pain was worse cause the pitocine would bring on wave after wave of contractions. so my point about this post is that on a military base most everyone is in freaking training and the only keep about a handful of people who actually know what the heck there doing. I would not recommend giving birth at a on base hospital. my other babies were at a regular hospital and I had no issues and got nurses who were not in training.