Ex Issues

My boyfriend of 6 months recently broke up with me. His reasoning was he needed to be alone to make some big decisions. He has done this to me at least 4 times before. I really do love him and care about him and want to be there for him, but I don't know if he'll do this to me again. I told him we had a break for two weeks and I would talk to him again after. During those two weeks, I started talking to a mutual friend of ours. He was there for me and listened and is a great friend, but recently it turned romantic and we've gone on a couple of dates. He seems to really like me and I really like him as well. He did things my ex-boyfriend didn't do like pay for my meals and he's so nice to me, unlike my ex-boyfriend who had a bit of a temper.  But my ex-boyfriend found out about it and seemed both mad and heartbroken. I never meant to hurt him. Should I attempt to talk to my ex or just move on with my friend.