I really don't know if I'm pregnant or not

Okay this is a stupid thing to ask because I know some people are just gonna say "we'll take a pregnancy test" well I've taken them, I've taken 5 infact and all different types too and they all come up negative. But I've recently been extremely stressed out and idk if that has anything to do with effecting my monthly period but I haven't gotten it in 3 1/2 months at least and my family doesn't have insurance so we can't hop up and go to the doctors unless we pay out of pocket and we really don't have the money for that I'm not having any symptoms of pregnancy not even my period. I'm just shocked and kind of freaked out because I know the pregnancy hormone may not show up if you pee on a stick but I just don't wanna end up on that show "I didn't know I was pregnant" because I want to know I just need some advice please.  Please please just I need to know if this has happened to any other women because I'm stressed out to no end over it. I'd appreciate any advice really.