(Navy) Boyfriend Blues

Hey girls! Need some help! Basically, my current boyfriend & I have been together for almost a year. Well, he's set to leave for basic training for the Navy in 2 1/2 weeks. Two weeks ago, he started acting really cold towards me, stopped texting/calling me, & not wanting to spend time with me. He's still doing it. I'm so confused because this summer he was saying that he wanted to propose to me by the end of October...but it's almost December & no ring. (not ring hungry or anything) He didn't even spend Thanksgiving with me & my family as originally planned. A few days ago, we were texting & out of anger I told him "just text me when you're ready for a relationship" & he said "okay." We haven't talked since. Should I be worried? Does this mean we're probably over? Especially since he's about to leave for basic training? I really love him, but idk what all of this means!! 😞