Running Game

Squallé • MORE than 9 times, now, he never made it there...

Just wanted to say i got stood up today. Stood up by a guy i cheated on before the first date. Karma always comes through😌

I'm not in a good place, I'm starting to think i only have two choices in my life right now

1. Die alone or

2. Die unhappy

I'm usually not this negative. And I'm sharing this because i can't share it anywhere else. Not Instagram not fb. No where but here.

Back in August/September i broke up with the love of my life for the 5th time bcuz he doesn't share my love for God. Just yesterday i fooled around with a guy whose been in love with Me for the last two years... he traveled 480 miles to see me. I'm still a virgin and i think i might give it up to him. but I want to be celibate. My dream is to marry the love of my life and lose my virginity to him on my honeymoon.

What a dream, right?

Depression is slowly starting to take over, and i can feel tsunami tides in my eyes.