we fought and we don't speak since 2 days ago..

Hi, I'm worried about my situation and want to share to you girls my current mood with my so, I would like to receive your point of view of this...  Right now I'm out of town and obviously we are far from each other with my love, so we couldnt spent thanksgiving together. I got kind of disappointed and mad with him trough phone because I realized that he made a fb group to attending a thanksgiving dinner with all our married friends and everyone was there on the group except me. I took this really personal since I always make sure he is part of my plans, no matter he is near or far, and when I realized he was the one who made the group, I felt like he wasn't taking me in consideration , no matter I was far. I notice that all our married and couples friends are really affective with their woman, and he is like whatever in front of them. When we are alone, he is such a sweetheart, but when we are with people, specially with family/ friends, he tends to be cold and quiet with me. I used to try to understand this, but honestly since this thing of the group, sometimes I feel he doesn't want me to be part of his social circle, and sometimes feel that he wants to exclude me from them. When I told him that I was feeling sad, he responded to me: are you going to ruin my thanksgiving day?😳he didn't tried to make me feel better or explain me something... He just disappeared and we don't talk since then. I'm disappointed and sad of this behaviour , I always consider him in everything. What do you think and what would you do?