sacrificing having a baby for your SO

So my husband and I have been married for 2 years (together for 5) and we are both about to turn 21, both have steady careers in the army, and are going to college. I have been wanting a baby for a while (I know I'm young, it's just all I think about sometimes though) and he does too! However he wants to wait, which I completely understand. This past month he told me that if I really want a baby, he will give me one because he wants me to be a happy. I asked him if that's what he really wants though, and he said he wishes we would wait but he is excited to be a dad and start a family. So we started to try (he came in my during my fertile window) and everything was good. But the more time went on the more I could just see in his eyes that he just wanted to wait, despite wanting to be a dad. So I (sadly) took a plan b pill because I wanted this to be such an exciting moment for BOTH of us. But I just can't stop thinking about if I didn't, what could of happened. I could of taken a pregnant test and found out I was pregnant and been so over the moon. It just makes me so sad. Did I do the right thing?