Waiting until marriage

I see posts on here about young girls getting all sexual with their bfs but then putting they're waiting for marriage to have sex and that just doesn't make any fucking sense to me!! Like, I thought the entire purpose of waiting till marriage is to be pure and wait for the special one you're going to be with for the rest of your life and blah blah blah. Like these girls claim to be perfect religious girls but they have shit so backwards. I understand waiting till marriage is a personal choice and sometimes it has nothing to do with religion but I wanna say like more times than not, it's due to "being pure for God" so these girls doing EVERYTHING except actual intercourse is so hypicrtical. I'm deffinetly not religious so I might be looking at this from the wrong pov lmao but it just makes religion seem so pointless to me bc anybody can say they're Christian or Catholic or whatever but like 99% of religious people I know are extremely hypocritical. Lmao. I think religion is so pointless and it's just a made up concept for people to feel better about themselves. They do stupid shit like give a boy a hand job and then ask for forgiveness and "wait for marriage" and they act like everything is okay. I just won't understand hahaha

Sorry for the rant or if I offend any religious people. Please don't fucking rehearse the bible to me bc I'm not going to bother reading the comment and you'll just waste your time 😂