first time having sex and I think I made a mistake.


Today my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. If you want to skip right to my issue, head to paragraph 3, assuming that my typing on mobile is formatting correctly. We had done other stuff previous to this (oral, fingering, etc.) so it wasn't a super big change. My concern is the condom. My boyfriend used Trojan condoms with spermicide on them since I lack access to birth control pills. After sex, we filled up the condom with water to be sure there were no holes. 

We had sex once, he pulled out before he came (even though he had a condom on). We cleaned up, checked the condom for holes, watched some TV, and ate some food. Within 25 minutes we were back at it again. 

Here's where the problem struck. When I was putting the condom on him, I touched it to the tip of his hard penis backwards and tried to roll it on. My mistake, it was dark and I'm new to this. It didn't work, and without thinking I just flipped it over and rolled it on correctly. We had sex again and he came outside of me again. Filled the condom with water and there were no holes. My boyfriend says he thought he peed between sex but he wasn't 100% sure, although once I showed I was worried he said he did (I don't know if he's just trying to make me feel better or he actually peed). My concern is the precum. I have no idea if any got on the outside of the condom. If it did, would I get pregnant? 

   What do I do? I live in a state where if I did become pregnant I would be inclined to tell my parents. What are my odds? Do I take an emergency contraceptive? I'm a high schooler so I'm having a freak out right now.