Husband not letting me get back to work

So my husband and I just got into a fight, just as I expected. We always get into a fight when it comes to the topic of my work. 
Which hurts...
I'm an adjunct faculty at a uni and took the whole semester off cause had our son in August. I always figured I'd stay at home for six months and start the next semester. Well now it's time and my husband doesn't think I should take the job. 
It's just twice a week, eight hour days. 
Thing is I'd have to leave him at daycare and the uni is an hour commute. 
He's against the commute and against the whole idea of daycare and leaving our son with anyone. 
We don't need the money, but I need my sanity and to feel that I am accomplishing something for myself. Obviously he would never get that. 
I really don't know what to do. 
Am I crazy in thinking I could leave my son and do the commute even if it's just twice a week? Should I just give in and back off even after agreeing to get back to work? 
I feel like I've already sacrificed so much, I'm not asking for much... 
I feel like I've lost and given up so much of my self from the day I got married.